As established installers who work alongside Worcester Bosch, our trained and qualified engineers are totally experienced in installing Worcester Bosch products which include:

Our vast clients are compromised of private house owners, house builders/developers, letting agents, housing associations and appliance manufacturers. Anything from more traditional to renewable energy solutions, any scale of project from the more complex to more unusual to the more general, T.B. Mackay Energy Services excel, delivering the right system and service to meet your requirements.

The overall benefit for all our existing clients is to ensure the continued ability to carry out whatever kind of work may be required.

Additional accreditation for biomass, ground source heat pumps (GSHP), and air source heat pumps (ASHP), is underway!

Here is a layout and description of a typical ground source heat pump installation:

Water system

Please make sure if you are considering a renewable energy system, or need some renewable energy system maintenance, that you contact us to discuss your requirements.

Make us your number one choice when choosing a renewable energy specialist equipment supplier in Edinburgh.